About Biochemistry

Biochemistry is the molecular foundation for the life sciences at the University of Missouri, bridging the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and the School of Medicine. Mizzou biochemists conduct groundbreaking research ranging from plant biochemistry to biomedical applications, and educate undergraduates, PhD trainees and medical students.

Our research strengths include metabolism, regulation, signaling, stress, host-microbe interactions and inflammatory responses in both plants and humans; the structures and interactions of proteins and nucleic acids at their heart; and the biophysical technologies used to visualize them. Thirty faculty-led teams conduct research largely funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

The Biochemistry major rigorously prepares students for medical school and other health professions, graduate studies in biomolecular sciences, and employment in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Faculty mentor students participating in a number of practical research experiences as well as teach courses for students in many other majors.

Our graduate program currently includes around 35 pre-doctoral students who receive full financial support for their research training. These students either work in core research areas or with faculty who have interdisciplinary partnerships with the Life Sciences Center and eight other departments.