Graduate Studies

The MU Biochemistry Department is internationally known for its cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and state-of-the art facilities. The research interests of our faculty span a wide range of modern biochemistry topics integrating basic and translational research. Research topics include the molecular basis of cancer and human diseases, cell signaling, host-pathogen interactions, plant biology, structural biology, metabolic engineering, proteomics, metabolomics, and single-molecule studies of molecular machines.

The PhD graduate program in biochemistry emphasizes student training in collaborative and cross-disciplinary research, critical thinking and professional development. It is closely interwoven with the scholarly and outreach activities of the faculty. The department has been a leader in interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration throughout the department, university, U.S. and the world. Graduate student training is strongly influenced by these interdisciplinary involvements. Biochemistry graduate students benefit from a vibrant Biochemistry Graduate Student Organization and supportive Biochemistry faculty members engaged in mentoring and providing a nurturing training environment.

During their first year, MU Biochemistry graduate students identify faculty members for research rotations prior to choosing one for their PhD research. A comprehensive package of financial support allows MU Biochemistry graduate students to concentrate on their studies and research. Every graduate student is guaranteed a stipend while making acceptable progress.

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