Travel Awards

Graduate students in Biochemistry are encouraged to travel to regional, national and international scientific meetings to broaden their academic experience and present their research results. To facilitate that objective, some travel funds are available through an application process. The guidelines and application form are available below.

Douglas D. Randall Young Scientists Development Fund

In the spirit of dedication to the growth of young scientists embodied by Dr. Douglas D. Randall throughout his life, the Douglas D. Randall Young Scientists Development Fund offers travel scholarships.

MU Graduate Professional Council (GPC) travel awards

The Conference Presentation Travel Award (CPTA) is designed to assist MU graduate and professional students who are representing the University of Missouri by presenting research papers, posters, or creative works at conferences. The award is not a research grant and cannot be used as such, but is rather a reimbursement for travel associated with academic or professional work. The maximum amount awarded to an applicant is $600, but the majority of awards are less than this due to the large number of applicants each cycle.

The Professional Development Travel Award (PDTA) is intended to cover some of the costs for students to attend conferences when the primary purpose of their attendance is professional development (i.e. they are not presenting their own work at the conference). Examples of these conferences include workshops, events where you are an invited speaker (when costs of the trip are not already covered by the inviter), and conferences you attend as an officer of a professional organization. The maximum award amount is $200.